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Apartment Renting

The rental system of many conventional real estate companies is not very foreigner friendly.

Apartments are usually rented a minimum of two years, which issues with the fact that many foreigners stay in Japan for less than 2 yrs. kategorizacija

Furthermore, most property owners are naturally reluctant to rent their apartments to foreigners who are not able to communicate in Japanese. Some of them will even categorically decline their service to no long lasting residents out of fear of frictions.

A large number of agents also require you to provide them with information about your financial background also to have a guarantor co-sign the local rental contract an additional security measure. Certain conditions apply as who can act as your guarantor. It must usually be a Japanese people national with a steady financial background.

Not at last, entering a local rental contract with a typical real estate company is very expensive. Numerous returnab and non refundable fees have to be paid, often totaling three to ten months’ rent, depending on company and apartment:

Booking payment
The tetsukekin is paid when you apply for a flat, and before the actual rental long term contract is signed. It provides as a guarantee for you that the apartment is not given to somebody else, and then for the agent that you do not convince you. This is refunded after the actual contract is fixed which is usually equivalent to about one month’s lease.

The deposit can be used to cover eventual future damage to the apartment. The deposit minus the cost for repairs is refunded when you move out. The deposit is usually equal to several months’ rent.

Key money
This kind of is a non will be given back payment to the owner in the amount of up to many months’ rent.

Service cost
This kind of is a non returnab payment to the real estate agent in the amount of at most one month’s rent.
Found in most cases, apartments come unfurnished, utilities aren’t included in the rent, and pets are not allowed. Please find out more about Japanese apartments and furniture.

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