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The Art of C++ Programming, Chapter 2 – Installing Microsoft Visual Studio

Creation Environment:

First thing’s first. Lets get us a place to work in. My spouse and i personally recommend the Ms Visual Studio C++ Exhibit edition, but there are other compilers out there like Dev Studio, and many others.

This is the compiler many professionals use ( they pay for an upgraded version, but is actually the same basic thing ), so it’s a pretty sweet deal. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Although you are downloading and installing that bit of software, I’ll go in advance and describe the bottom line is just what you are downloading. A “development environment” (what we are downloading) is a blend of several tools a programmer can use to create things. 

The parts we love are: Text Editor tool: where code is written. Consider notepad Compiler: the thing that turns your code into machine code (computer language) Debugger: the tool used for directing out wrong code (finds your errors… sort of)

Without these, you cannot really develop much. You could always program something in notepad and put it into a compiler, but you won’t have a debugger. Meaning if something goes wrong, you won’t really know what caused the problem.

Thankfully, whatever we are downloading it here is arguably among the finest development environments available (its Microsoft… ). It includes everything we need! Your down load should be done, so get started the install.

When you got it installed, go ahead and open up it up!

Creating a New Project: Appears to be time to introduce that ever-so-popular “Hello World! ” program.. lets get started!

Practically, you will just hit new file and be arranged. With Visual Studio, it takes a few more steps, but its easy if you have some guidance. If you are by using a compiler other than Visual Studio, I are afraid you are on your own in this step.

To make a new project, go to Document -> New -> Project.

From there, go to Visual C++ -> Win32 -> Win32 Console App. After selecting the gaming system application option, type in a name for building your shed. For this example, allows just call it HelloWorld. Its good to name our projects somewhat relevant to what the program is going to do; in this circumstance, our program prints “Hello World! ” to the screen. Exciting? Don’t be anxious, it gets better; ).

For the next step, hit “next”. You should now get a screen that looks like this. Get sure and “check” the circles next to Gaming system Application and Empty Task. Next, hit Finish.

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