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The Art of Roof Cleaning For Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Roof top cleaning of asphalt shingle roofs are a quite new niche market that many pressure washing companies have started to notice. The process of cleaning asphalt shingle roofs is fairly simple if you educate yourself about how rooftops are installed, possible problems and situations to avoid, and what type of stains you need to eliminate. Most pressure washing companies that get started roof cleaning find that there is a considerable amount of technique and skill required when cleaning roofs. Any kind of contractor that performs roof top cleaning should be aware of how roofs during installation. roof cleaning Geelong

Failure to understand roof installation methods can cause 1000s of dollars in problems by a pressure cleansing contractor. It’s imperative that the pressure wash service provider use extremely low pressure to avoid damaging the shingles and that the roof is inspected previous to the commencement of the job. Remember, most pressure wash machines employed in roof cleaning use minimal 4 GPM and as much as 10 GPM!. So it is easy to understand why knowledge of roofer installation and a roof top inspection is necessary when you think about the amount of water that could enter in the structure during roof top cleaning.

Most roofing materials are installed over a layer of felt newspaper and sometimes a rubber-like ice guard material. The first layer of shingles is named the starter course which is installed at the lowest point on the roof, upside down. This kind of allows a great base for water to operate over without leaking into the trusses and plywood between the shingles key ways. When this layer is installed another shingle is place directly on top than it, and the rest of the roofing is put in a similar fashion up the roof range.

The main reason shingles are installed in this manner is to allow the normal water to run over one shingle onto another until it enters the gutter system. Now that you understand the fundamentals of roof structure installation it’s equally important to know the other structures on the roof structure and their function to avoid leading to leaks around them. For identification purposes, pictures of these parts are available on our web sites roof repair services in Maryland page.

Today that you can identify the common fixtures on the roof the next step is to identify what you should be cleaning from the area. The most common reason for cleaning asphalt shingle roofs is to eliminate a fungus growth called Gloeocapsa Magma. This particular form of algae is air-born and definitely will gather on any type of roof. In most cases the owner of the property won’t notice the algae growth until it finally commences to take over large portions of the roof. This kind of algae usually forms dark brown or black spots on the roofing and it thrives in generally warm humid areas. Roofing cleaning with the appropriate cleaners can successfully get free of this ugly blemish from roofs quite easily if you know how.

Some manufacturers suggest by using a mixture of TEASPOON and Bleach to destroy the fungus. Other manufacturers suggest utilizing a sodium hydroxide based cleaner instead. Irrespective of which cleaner you use when cleaning attics it’s important that you check with the maker of the top to meet their guidelines. A few manufacturers will void the warrantee on the shingles for one method although not the other. However, EVERY roofing manufacturers agree that the use of high pressure is never used when cleaning roofs. Several specifications set the safe pressure range at six-hundred PSI but the best rule of thumb to use is. “Use the least amount of pressure and the mildest chemical substance possible to achieve the desired result! “

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