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When Buying A Medical Transport Chair, Which Is Better, A Transport Chair Or A Wheelchair?

Medical transport chairs are necessary equipment in any medical service centre or any transport system for medical purposes. Any hospital clearly requires a number of these kind of chairs for in house and outdoor transportation of its patients. Every floor of the hospitals should be equipped with a few of the medical service chairs.

It is also important equipment for the ambulance services. Possibly airports and large train stations must have a few of these recliners to handle the ill or handicapped persons. Any household house needs to keep a medical one if a handicapped or significantly ill person comes from that house for indoor transportations. So, the transport couch has an overall demand in both residential and commercial places. הובלות קטנות בפתח תקווה

There are specifically two types of transport chairs. The first type is the normal maneuvering chair. This type is mostly used in the hospitals and transport agencies. And the second type is driven by the electricity made by the battery installed in the chair. Obviously this second type is much more costly and commonly bought for personal uses. They can be high-technology, completely computerized medical rolling chairs which require the least hard work to control and control. 

Most people confuse the between the transport seats and the wheelchairs. Generally there are obviously a great deal of distinctions between these two items. The first difference is that a wheelchair weighs substantially heavy than a standard going chair. The average weight of a wheelchair is 35 lbs; where other medical chair commonly weighs in at in around 14-19 lbs ..

The propelling mechanism is totally different between wheelchair and transport chair. A wheelchair has small wheels on the front and large wheels at the bottom so that the wheelchair can be self-propelled by the person sitting in the wheel chair. Although a non-wheelchair version of these chairs has all four small wheels this means you will only be propelled by a helping person. Even so, the programmed motorized version of these chairs has the good thing about being powered automatically.

One of the best features of a transportation chair is obviously the light weight. The size of the transport seat is another great benefits. For example, if the width of the chair of a transport seat is 19 inches; then the width of the whole set-up is merely 1 or 2 inches extra; where the wheelchairs provide an extra width of 7-8 in .. Portability is perhaps the best good thing about a medical rolling chair. Any transfer chair can be completely folded and can be carried in a tiny space of a car.

Right now there are a lot of companies offering these options both for residential and commercial uses. a couple of years of manufacturer’ warrantee is often included with a medical transport chair. It is best for you to search on the internet to obtain the suitable model for their usage. Obviously the values of those chairs fluctuate in line with the manufacturer and the facilities of any particular model.

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