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Camera Operators – How to Be Discreet

If you are filming a documentary or you’re a news mécanicien, you don’t always want your camera out entrance and center for the whole world to see. Knowing how to be discreet can mean the difference between getting the perfect shot that you want and having character, or a person, work differently because you are there. Cameraman nunta

Let’s face it, people act differently when they are in entry of a camera. The moment someone has something to hide, then they certainly act differently; they put on ‘airs’ to try and be impressive, or to give the impression they are better than the person they are when the cameras are not rolling. If you want to be effective as a cameraman when you have to capture people in their natural environment, being the people that they truly are all day long, then you will need some camera tricks for firing when you don’t want to be noticed. 

Idea 1: Don’t advertise yourself

It may sound too obvious, but you should advertise yourself or your camera. Should you be making your documentary film by yourself, then you are heading to have a problem trying to be subtle. Holding a microphone and camerat the same time is cumbersome to say the least.

Include an interviewer, if this isn’t very going to be you, or hire a lot of the time cameraman if you plan on being the one asking questions. For those who have someone doing the questioning, then you, as the dépanneur, can duck back, or to the side of anyone you are selecting. So long as the camera is not right in front side of them, or in their face, they will slowly but surely not even notice it being there in the first place.

Idea 2: Find some cover

For anyone who is conducting your interview or shoot outside, find cars, fences, or other locations where you can hide yourself behind. The camera is the only thing that needs to be visible; you no longer. The more cover you have, the less noticeable you will be.

Idea 3: Dress appropriately

Carry out not choose loud, ridiculous colors when you dress to be an opérateur. Grays and blacks are well suited for most filming situations. You’re not the focus of attention; the individual whom you are trying to catch on film is.

Suggestion 4: Don’t carry a major stick

The bigger and more impressive a camera looks, a lot more intimidating it can be. Avoid having around the best camera you have if it is also the major one in your strategy. If a tiny camcorder gives you enough quality for the shoot, then use that. People will tend to dismiss small cameras more easily than a huge one. Small means inconsequential. Big means important. Keep it simple and small and you may not frighten away the ‘wildlife’.

Tip 5: Work with a tripod

If you really don’t want to be noticed when if you’re filming, and you could acquire a great vantage point for the shot from a secure distance, then put your camera on a tripod and film from there. You won’t find the fluid, mobile impact that you would by using a different technique, but what are you keen on? The killer interview or visual creativity?

There are many methods that you can use to be discreet. These are only a few. When you are creative, you will come up with more ideas in the future.

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