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Cartoons and KM

I stumbled upon some thoughts how KILOMETRES is being reflected through cartoons.

Cartoons are fun nonetheless they do not merely provide entertainment value alone. They will also teach us a lot. How to be sportive, how to restore from a deadlock situation, how to look at the lighter side, how to forgive, how to laugh out openly, how to be creative and a whole lot more. Cartoons certainly prove a point or two in the examples below. cartoon video

Jerry writes a book on Tom and Jerry’s activities and gets a bag pounds for it from the publisher. Not knowing anything about it until that moment, Tom is merely about getting angry and enraged when Jerry shows him that 50% of the cheque amount was made out in Tom’s name. It was a question of putting their skills together to get the money, even anytime we are only mentioning to Tom’s ability to chase Jerry. Naturally, Jerry had the values and attitude to not try to escape with the money but share it with his “partner”. 

Popeye will depend on his spinach above all more for his strength. Nevertheless , there were occasions when his hands were attached and he could not get to the green spinach. In these circumstances, it was another partner who teamed up and provided him the spinach.

Dexter might be a wizard but it was a little while until his sister to ask him a few silly questions at times to get a brainwave.

The ability Smoke Girls are certainly complete only when they are a team of 3 rather than even one less. Enemies run haywire when they see the ladies together.

Given all this, one does not have to search long to find the reasons why the coyote never appears to be able to catch the highway runner in The Highway Runner series or why Sylvester will certainly not be able to capture Tweety inside the Mad Tunes. The coyote and the cat are generally not part of a team correspondingly.

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