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What Comes First – The Web Design Or the SEO?

This is really the chicken and as fast as possible question of the internet age but depending on who you ask will determine the actual answer you obtain. seo courses singapore

A graphic custom made based web development company will argue in a majority of cases that the look comes first of course. And let’s face it without that creatively pleasing to the attention design a visitor will jump off your site within a few minutes or so they would have you believe. But then that raises the best question of how did they get there in the first place? 

The most common webdevelopment curve will go along the lines of website gets designed.. appears great let’s go for it. Needs some content ok, copy and sauce something out of the company /company leaflet….. time goes and no traffic!

Then more time until eventually perhaps 6-12 months later the situation will either be so dire or the company are spending a fortune on Ppc that finally the SEO expert gets called in (or somebody gets curious by one of those SEO e-mails that seem to be to hound webmasters these days), and before you know it you need treatment on a six month search engine marketing campaign to try and rescue some website search positions.

Is this really the proper way to go? The thousands of companies which may have been through this exact cycle will certainly dispute that it most definitely is not, as this hope and pray web development conditions delays any websites success by several weeks and sometimes years, and even more frighteningly results in thousands in lost profit, turnover and recurring prospect capture.

What is very laughable though is that if you actually read the sales pitch on any one of the myriad of web design companies own websites many of them blatantly declare to be SEO experts as if it is a badge of honor or perhaps a must have tick in the box but a simple check of their portfolio soon reveals that if they are the major search engines marketing experts, then it is plainly noticeable that their clients are definitely not on the acquiring end on this said expertise.

So what is the real answer, can you really optimise a site before you launch it? Absolutely, web design and SEO can go hand in hand and the thought means of optimising a site and SEO friendly website design should constitute the foundations of the web development quick right from the start, as it is the site structure, and in the end the content that will capture free organic and natural website traffic and also mark the web site as a potential specialist site or an also ran.

Search engines like google don’t caution about what the site looks like but so often this initial chance to make the best impact when the site first gets indexed is wasted, if all the search engines find is a poorly optimised site with scant regard paid to any SEO requirements or keyword capture.

Extra time and money put in on pre development SEO (which should at the very least include key word research and SEO copywriting) gives an outstanding go back on investment as usually when the site moves live and gets listed it is going to achieve a significantly better website ranking from day one and even occasionally a page one result straight away.

In the event a web designer is not promoting web design SEO as part of your initial client quick then they are offering not only themselves brief but also the customer, if they have no the expertise themselves then best practice would be to synergy with a not competing SEO professional to give the client the best possible start and revenue on their new website.

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