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Divorce Rate is at Its Lowest Level Since 1970

The divorce rate has lowered to its lowest level since 1970. Even though more and more people seem to be to believe divorce looms as high as it did because it peaked in 1981, divorce rates continue to decline.

May be some of the causes for the divorce rate shed to it is lowest level since 70? Queensland has highest divorce rate in Australia

1. It is based upon per capita divorce rate.

2. Some feel that divorce levels are as high as ever, but there so many

lovers living together that their end doesn’t affect divorce rates.

3. Divorce rates are falling among informed, college or university graduates.

4. Nevertheless, the rates remain high among the less prosperous, uneducated couples.

5. Two-earner families have seen much longer marriages.

The divorce rate started out to rise in the 60’s, and it rose to an all time rich in the 70’s. Divorce rates peaked in 1981 where 5. 3 divorces occurred every 1, 000 people. Practically every state had no-fault divorce laws in the 70’s, which some feel could have been a major cause.

Today, the divorce rate has lowered by one-third to 3. 6 per 1000 people. This drop represents the minimum rate since 1970.

A few reasons for the drop according to scholars may be a combo of things:

*Waiting longer to get married

*Couples living together

*Marriage rate has dropped by practically 30%

*People are learning to make marriages work

*Couples are working through their marriage problems

The moment we consider that the number of folks living collectively has increased 10-fold since 1960, the numbers could have a dramatic result on the divorce rate. Although the splits of the couples are not seen as divorce whenever they separate, the children engaged see the ended romance as a divorce.

Simply no matter what you call it up, the children get the raw end of the deal. Now there should be a legislation that says, “If children under the age of 18 are involved, parting or divorce shouldn’t be allowed. ” However if we had such a law there would have to be one loophole. That loophole would have to be applied in the case of child or spousal abuse or neglect.

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