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Elementary School Teachers, Counselors, and Career Education

Since teachers and counselors, alternatives the elementary school years are very important. During the primary school years, your students build visions of what they desire to do in their lives as they contribute to the workforce. With your help, your students remain ready to accept new career ideas and possibilities. As you work with your students, your students tend not to premature career choices or career preparations. For your students, grammar school is a time to build awareness. chicago prep schools

As elementary college teachers and counselors, you use career education to promote self-worth, skill development, and decision making strategies. Your activities are designed to build self, family, school, community, and profession awareness. You use age-appropriate materials that match your students’ developmental levels. These types of activities expose your students to a variety of different jobs, career information sources, and why people work. 

When you make to develop age-appropriate materials products, tests and tools, you utilize career models like the National Career Advancement Guidelines (NCDG). The Domestic Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) have domains, goals, and indicators. Each domain presents a developmental area. Underneath each domain, there are goals or competencies. To get each goal, indicators emphasize the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the goal. The National Profession Development Guidelines (NCDG) works on you to make materials that are well suited for your students.

As an fundamental school counselors and instructors, you create individual profession plans and portfolios. Person career plans (ICP) –

Develop self-awareness
Identify primary career goals and educational plans
Increase employability and decision making skills
Specific career portfolios summarize job awareness activities and activities that occur during the school year. In addition to individual career strategies and portfolios, you use a variety of resources –

Career days
Profession festivals
Community speakers
Discipline outings
Information interviewing
Fictional works
Collages, decals
Educational games
Job tailing
Dramatic presentations
All of the career activities and tools mix academic work with career pathways. Position activities serve as blocks for future skills. Because teachers and counselors, you help students build links between academics and real life situations. You use career education activities to stress the value of terminology arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.

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