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Galatians 2:20: The Faith “OF” God

I actually is crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth IN me: and the life which We now are in the weed I live by the Faith of the Child of God, who cherished me, and gave Him self for me. Galatians 2: 20 KJV

As much as We know, every other version of the Bible besides the King James uses the phrase Faith “IN” the Son of Our god. is god real?

And although this may look like straining at a gnat, changing this one word in this verse also changes their entire meaning. 

Having trust “IN” God creates a picture in my brain of a faith that looks like it includes some kind of efforts on my part in order for it to visit pass. It is the sort of faith we were taught we required to have, and if we don’t have enough it would never work.

But what about the Faith “OF” the Son of Goodness, what kind of picture does that create and precisely what is the source of this type of Faith? And can be the big deal between the two? It is in fact a difference of only one little phrase.

Perception is everything. Place into effect action established only in route we FIND. In the case of this powerful verse in Galatian’s, the something converts out to be someone.

Initially when i first commenced this journey, We learned of an Our god who supposedly loved myself, but who I thought never appeared to show much interest in myself. This God was no more than conditional love. If Having been a God who loved me, it was only based on certain performance based conditions. This kind of was the God My spouse and i strived to have trust IN, also to the point I jumped through all of the conditional strict hoops just to try to get to KNOW Him. I seemed I got faith IN Him, yet I always saw me personally falling short… I always seemed to just miss the mark.

It was not until I read a book called Who Are i not by a guy named Norman Grubb that I learned the reality. In it he brought up the above verse in Galatians, but with a slight twist.

My Fresh American Standard Bible scans the faith “IN” the Son of God, so I did what My spouse and i saw everyone I realized doing. And i also tried to have trust IN this God but to me this supposed I had to be obedient, and I realized of no other behavior but reading the Holy book, spending deliberate time in prayer, and going to church. In addition, I had fashioned to try and give what I could so God would bless myself and answer my plea. I did all of this just as We were instructed, and by those who I assumed also had the same… faith IN God.

Although why did I endeavor like I did, and believe this God My spouse and i served and tried to have faith IN actually would listen to myself? The truth is, We eventually became so frustrated with this God We tell him in so many words what I actually thought of Him. “Why is it whatever I actually do I will never please you? When will it ever be enough, so when will you finally bless me? ” I never heard the answer My spouse and i was looking for so I walked away from aiming to have… faith IN God.

It was only after many years of doing my own thing and forgetting all about The almighty, church, prayer, tithing, and anything “Christian” where my heart started out to make softer towards this God who I could see as a punishing and vicious taskmaster, and who appeared to move the goal each and every time I got close, or when I finally felt I had been getting near Him.

I don’t really know what it was or even when it happened, all I know is the drinking and carousing had not been fun anymore, and since all of the conditional hoops didn’t matter to my opinion anymore, (because I don’t care anymore) I also knew I had little or nothing to lose in looking God’s way from time to time. And each and every time I did so I started out to discover who He ACTUALLY was. It was while i hit rock bottom, and there were nowhere else to turn, i met the One True God. And what I found is He wasn’t at all religious, nor was this individual at all concerned about my outward behavior, or if I ever look at the Bible or prayed, and one more thing This individual never once asked myself for a dime. That perception of God is actually I learned from institutional religion and not the God of ALL Sophistication.

And it was during that time I started out seeing that God liked me only for me personally, but not anything I performed or didn’t do.

My spouse and i kept living for me until it was His kindness, and not legislation of right and incorrect, that compelled me to surrender… again. At that point around me I actually still wasn’t very concerned about doing the right thing.

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