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Hindi Rock – The Pakistani Way

Pakistan and india have always been at loggerheads with each other fighting over territory, sovereignty and admiration from the international community. However they are with something in common- a passion for rock. The growth and recognition of Pakistani rock coincided with the coming of rock and roll in India. Bands like Junoon and Strings can be credited for the development of Pakistani rock or more popularly known as ‘Pakrock’. songspk

Junoon arrived on the scene with a new breed of rock- one which combined the American rock of the western world with the Sufi looks of Pakistan and the blend proved to be a winning one with Pakrock taking the region by storm and even finding a market in India. Junoon with their hit Sayonee resonated with the youth in India and soon collaborations started out taking place with Hindi rock bands. Although Junoon mostly sings in Urdu they experimented by performing in Hindi plus they were successful.

Strings, another Pakrock music group also tasted success pursuing close on the pumps of their predecessors. That they too won many honours and were also considered a mainstream Hindi rock and roll band when they sang the title song Zinda for the Hindi movie of the same name. With the release of their third album Durr in India, they soon noticed that many people in India appreciated their music and so they made it easier for in making this genre more popular.

A instant of big honour for them came when they were asked sing it song for the Spiderman movie. Another milestone on their behalf was when in 2004 they collaborated with Euphoria to perform for the Indo-Pak cricket series, the standard anthem which was named ‘Jeet Lo Dil’ was a huge hit and it won hearts in both India as well as Pakistan. Hindi and Pakistani rock found a common language- a love for the same audio. The sense of a hostile enmity is ignored as in both countries the language of music and the love for rock has prevailed over hatred.

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