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Hoodia Gordonii Plant

Hoodia is a variety of succulent plant that grows in the deserts of S. africa. This kind of plant has near to 20 species. Out which the ‘Gordonii’ variety provides the natural appetite suppressant. This kind of plant is also known as ‘Xhoba’. Additionally, it helps in maintaining a very high degree of energy. This plant produces blossom with an unique scent attracting insects, which help in pollinating them. This kind of plant can be used by the San people today owed to the South African-american continent as a traditional food variety that reduces hunger and thirst. That they cut the stem of the plant to how big a cucumber and gradually eat them for several hours.

Precisely what is South african hoodia Gordonii?
A plant variety that belongs to the Apocynaceae family. They are succulents in cacti form. They grow up to 1 meter with large flowers, bright colors and strong odour those of spoiled meat. These plants are highly protected and found in the deserts operating from Central Namibia to Angola. It is also called ‘Bushman’s Hat’ and ‘Queen of Namibia. A number of species of Hoodia are grown as garden plants while the Gordonii variety is analyzed for its appetite suppressor feature. Hoodia is one of the 400 therapeutic plants facing the risk of extinction according to a latest survey. This kind of specie is listed under the Convention on World Trade in Endangered Types of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and will amount to illegally transferring if without a license under CITES from proper authorities. 

Hoodia a Medication:
This plant also has certain medicinal properties. Particular tribes in Namibia steam Hoodia and use them as medicine for dealing with several of ailments varying from indigestion, tuberculosis, hemorrhoid distress, hypertension, diabetes and small infections. This plant mainly grows in the Maltahohe, namibia and S. africa, it is also seen wide-spread across Africa.

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