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Industrial DPSS Laser Modules and Systems

You will discover thousands of different lazer systems out there that can be used for everything from scientific analysis to laser shows to military use. Top manufacturers will produce extremely powerful and stable laser systems in a huge variety of output colors within the obvious light range, from the lowest ULTRAVIOLET light at 266nm to the highest IR light at 1064nm, the number is incredible.

There is a great deal to think about when considering professional equipment, first and foremost, what will you be using it for. Typically universities and research facilities require laser beam systems of the magnitude to conduct various research applications that require powerful laserlight beams. From spectroscopy, to communications research, biological analysis, and a huge world of other applications find powerful lasers highly useful for their purposes. 

The big thing is the quality of any DPSS laser you are looking at, as these can be quite expensive the are investments therefore you want to ensure you own a smart one. Look for standard things like FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION compliance, a lengthy expected life time, and a guarantee that can be a great assurance to any laser purchase. Often times universities purchase these lasers for the science of physics departments as a great tool for learning and additional experimentation in the class room.

Prior to you go with any professional system make sure you’ve done your research and have clear aims of how you will be using the laser beam. Its important not to allow children to work with lasers this powerful without right supervision.

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