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Inflatable Mattress Review: Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Air Bed

Princess or queen Air Mattress Review

With a name like Dan, you come to expect high quality. 75 years in the mattress business says a lot. Their very own foray into the air bed arena turned out to be a winner as well. Their reputation is made on quality construction and comfort. The Serta High Diamond Coil air foundation provides that and more. Although costing the higher end of the california king air mattress price range, the four star score from reviewers at Amazon online marketplace adds credence to the outstanding features of this air bed. The first coils construction provides soft comfort for aching backs. The built-in electric air bed pump inflates and puffs down the lightweight mattress within minutes. The durability and height of this california king air bed are beaten by few competitors. In the event that you have momentary friends that you want to experience the ultimate in inflatable comfort, then you will want to get this air bed for those occasions. portable mattress

Air Foundation Sizes

The dimensions of this bed are eighty inches by 60 in . by 18 inches. Even though a few inches short than other “tall” full air mattresses, this water mattress still provides you with enough height to get you sleeping off the floor, as well as enough stability to sit on the inside side of the bed. The evident benefit is the ease of not having to bend over and practically get on both hands and knees to get involved or out of the bed. This bed also has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. This should be more than enough capacity to support two average size adults. The size of this queen air foundation allows for the convenient use of queen measured sheets as well, with the use of the four integrated sheet spot clips on the bed. The clips provide a secure fit involving the bed linen and the underlying bed. 

Inflatable Mattress Building

The uniqueness of the Diamonds Coil Air Bed stems from its construction. The unique diamonds coil structure gives the air mattress bed a mattress-like feel even though the gentle pillow top adds extra softness and comfort. The coils simulate the sense of a traditional bed. Heavy-duty puncture resistance plastic material is employed as the body of the air bed. The polyester construction also allows the mattress to suffer less stretching and air leakage than many competing brands. This wider and more durable materials provides an extremely strong and strong base for restful sleeping. On the underside of the foundation, there is a non slip, sure grip bottom, which is designed to grasp the floor for added stability. This bottom structure creates a natural suction between the air pickup bed and the ground which eliminates sliding.

Portable Atmosphere Mattress Inflation / Reduce

Setting up the air mattress is a take. The Serta Diamond Coils has an integrated electric pump that is concave into the bed for a streamlined look. Very little regions of the electric pump are jutting out as an eyesore. There’s even a convenient slot that holds the electric electric power cord, keeping it hidden aside. The motor runs quietly, but has a strong and powerful pump that inflates the foundation in just four minutes. The same pump device is employed to discharge air from mid-air bed as well. The mattress puffs down just as quickly as it inflates, and meets snuggly into the provide storage bag.

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