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Just How Do Electric Garage Heaters Work?

Thus many people are not aware of the truth that during the winter season our garages are the most under utilized space within our homes. This is generally because it is merely to cold in them to be there for any amount of time. Installing the garage heating unit can be just the answer to regaining this under utilized space 365 days a year.

When it comes to electric garage heaters there are two types of heating elements infrared/radiant or convection. Lets take a closer look at the two different types of heating elements. electric garage heater

Infrared heating units work by heating the objects and also the body in a particular spot immediately under or before the heating unit. While the convection heating unit will heat the complete room. So the first decision you will want to make before getting a garage heaters is are you wanting the heater to heat a specific place while you are in your garage or do you want to heat up the complete garage while you are in it? If you go with a convection heating heater then you will need to do calculations to insure you get the correct size heater to do the job. You will find calculators available for use at most website that sells electric garage heaters that you can use, you simply impute the length, width and level of your garage and a few other parameters to determine the appropriate size needed.

There are four types of convection fan forced heaters for the garage, this is the short description of the four types.

Unit Heating elements

The unit heaters are the most frequent heaters used, this is because they can be commercial level and heat the storage area the fastest. Commercial quality garage heaters have a huge fan and motor and tend to be the loudest of the four types simply because they are moving the most air. These are recommended for larger réduit and can be attached from a wall or ceiling with the use of brackets.

Wall Heating elements

The wall heaters are being used mostly in small to medium-sized garages. They are usually mounted from a wall stud and the smaller fan and electric motor make them much noise-free.

Ceiling Heating elements

The limit heater is very successful when there is little to no surfaces available for use. The limit heaters do have a down side to them, They might require that there be a finished ceiling for them to work effectively. If the ceiling are not finished all the heated air just proceeds up into the light beams and joists and is lost.

Portable Plug On Heaters

The lightweight connect to heaters are available in either 120 volt or 240 volt versions. That they typically come with a 6 foot cord and can be located on the floor or on a work bench ensuring all objects are at least 3 feet away from the heater at all times. Before buying the 240 volt model you will have to be sure that your garage is wired for 240 v, the standard 120 watt is not going to work.

Built-in or Wall Mounted Thermostats

The electric garage heaters that are wall mounted are either manipulated by a built-in or wall attached thermostat. You will notice that some models will offer the choice of built-in or wall attached while other models will be just built-in or wall mounted only. Take this into account when deciding which you will need to use in your situation.

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