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How Your Kids Can Make Their Very Own Puppet Theater

The kids can create their puppet theater all by themselves.

This is what they would need though

3. a table,

* a table cloth large enough to completely cover the front and sides of the table, leaving your back exposed

* stiff white cardboard or colored daily news

* pencils and color materials

* scissors

5. glue

* time and imagination

Ok. I’ll be the first to declare that this puppet cinema is not these kids puppet theaters [] but this homemade puppet theater is cheap to make. Your children would be occupied for quite a while just making their puppets. Ideal if you need treatment on a tight budget with a variety of kids that need to be kept out of mischief.


We will make finger puppets with this theater as these are the easiest to make.

My 6 year old kid thought up this puppet design simply by him or her self. He used colored paper, wrapped loosely in ok bye to finger. He recorded the paper shut, loose enough so he could placed on or take off the puppets as this individual wished. Then he received a face on the tip of the puppet. His elder brother appreciated that design and helped him make a variety of such finger sock puppets with different colors and different expressions.

The sock puppets I had primarily trained those to make required much more work. Here’s how you can make some simple puppets.

1. Make a decision on the story line, the characters and what sock puppets are needed for the show.

installment payments on your Draw pictures of these characters on firm white cardboard. Each picture must be just big enough to cover 1 ring finger.

3. Color the pictures.

4. Cut out these pictures.

5. Cut a white strip of cardboard boxes about half an inches thick, 1. 5 inches wide long. This is heading to be like a ring surrounding the child’s quick, attached to the puppet so that your youngster can make the puppet move around.

6. Contact form a circle with the white strip.

7. Stuff this circle behind the picture so that a finger can go through it to back up the puppet.

8. Allow the glue dry out completely in addition to your finger puppets.

When you have enough puppets, you can make theater.

Drape the table cloth within the stand, so that the the front and sides are completely covered, but the back again of the table is fully exposed.

That protected table is the puppet theater.

The children can hide behind theater, place on the finger puppets prove fingers, lift their offers you their heads to perform the puppet show.

Be attentive when your kids perform their puppet show for you. The attention means a great deal to them.

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