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MacBook Screen Brightness Adjustment Following Repair

In case you recently had an Apple MacBook or MacBook Expert screen replacement, and you find that you are unable to modify your screen illumination from your keyboard, read on. This is certainly a common problem that usually has a fairly easy solution. Macbook Repair Dubai

MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD display repair is a very common service performed by Apple certified repair centers. During the MacBook display screen replacement process, the laptop repair company or tech selects the sort of screen they plan to install into your MacBook or MacBook Pro. This is because Apple uses screens from companies such as LG ELECTRONICS, Samsung, Chi Mei and Philips. In other words, Apple does not produce the screens for their MacBook and MacBook Expert laptops. 

Consequently, during the MacBook screen replacement process, some newer model monitors may be attached to an older MacBook system, and the screen will switch on and look perfect. It displays images and is functioning as you expected.

Even so, even though the display looks great, you still will want to be certain to check to be certain your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard controls are working correctly. Therefore, press the brightness keys up or down. If nothing at all happens after trying this, then you have a situation.

If you find yourself in a situation, check which version of the Mac operating system you have installed on your MacBook or MacBook Pro, and:

If you are running Mac OPERATING SYSTEM 10. 5 or higher, contact the repair middle that performed your FLAT SCREEN screen repair, since there may be a hardware compatibility issue with your replacement screen.
If you are running Mac OPERATING-SYSTEM 10. 4 or lower, often you can quickly solve its keyboard comparable version brightness control issue by upgrading your operating system to Mac OS 15. 5 or higher. When you perform the update, check your keyboard settings controls to make certain they are now working properly.

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