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Organic Search Engine Marketing – It Really Works!

Whilst helping traditional ecommerce companies increase their organic and natural search engine marketing, I noticed that the services and techniques we apply to those traditional ecommerce clients can be utilized by Internet marketers anywhere and everywhere, including affiliate marketers!

My realization led myself to write this post. My own goal here is to outline the general process and techniques we make use of for organic and natural search engine marketing. 

I’m going to construct the body of this article with the next sections:

1. Organic search engine marketing v. paid internet marketing (PPC) 2. Personal blogs v. static web web pages 3. Long tail keywords v. short head keywords 4. Unique content and Web 3. 0 5. Internet marketing and World wide web 2. 0

1. Search engines Engine Marketing sixth is v. Paid Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Organic search engine marketing is marketing a site to improve the ranking because of its web pages in the organic, or natural, search engine results pages (SERPs).

Paid search engine marketing is incorporating paid advertising strategies such as Google(R) AdWords or Yahoo(R) Search Marketing in order to be classified by the “sponsored” or “advertisement” portions of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

With the increasing costs of paid search engine marketing, advertisers have been enduring from a downward craze in return on investment (ROI). On the other hand, with more complex and proven strategies for organic and natural search engine marketing, the return on investment (ROI) for many who market to better search engine positions naturally in the Search results is increasing. Therefore, we advise ecommerce companies, affiliate marketers and super-affiliates alike to shift their resources from paid search engine marketing to organic and natural search engine marketing.

2. Blogs sixth is v. Static Web Pages

Websites come with an inherent and specific advantage over static web pages. Search engines like yahoo like websites better. Everything being equivalent (design, content, page design, H tags, Alt tags, age, and so out ), a blog site will outrank a fixed web page more often than not. However, everything are not equal! Sites take good thing about plug-ins, or features, to be very search results friendly.

We create and customize “Power Blogs” for our clients. A “Power Blog” is a search engine friendly WordPress sites with tons of SEO plug-ins. Once we install a Power Blog page we put it to use as a platform for Web 2. 0. 0 marketing, a. k. a. social marketing.

The great things about our Ability Blog include:

(A) Multi-Channel Visitor Strategy – Rather of having Google(R) be in charge of 95% of your visitors, now you can also get visitors from all of the Blog page Search engines like yahoo. Because websites use RSS (really simple syndication), you will notice that other websites are syndicating your content on their websites, giving you more visitors and links. Simply by having multiple streams of visitors you protect yourself in case one of your traffic streams starts off to underperform.

(B) No cost Links To Your Internet site – How much links that you have to your site plays a huge role in how highly you rank on Google(R). By utilizing the Trackback feature in WordPress, you can automatically get other websites to connect to you for free.

3. Much time Tail Keywords v. Brief Head Keywords

Remember, this is called “Organic Search Engine Marketing”….. it’s marketing, and marketing needs a focus. In order to focus in on what to market for, you need to have a solid first step toward the key keywords that explain your business and/or products that you are advertising. These main keywords are one to three key phrase keywords (or keyword phrases) generally speaking and are more than likely highly competitive. These kinds of keywords are known as “Short Head” keywords. For instance, “car insurance. “

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