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My Top 3 Favorite Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours Ever!

The South Rim is considered the most scenic section of the Grand Encolure, and it is a fantastic spot to view on a helicopter tour. These kinds of flights depart daily and they are easy to fit in your budget. Booking the perfect concert tours can be confusing, so this article will uncover the top three micro helicotper tours you should consider. Maui Boat Tours

Top Tour #1: The Longer Flight Option

The National Park is huge, and the only way you can see so much of computer on a single tour is to fly over it in a helicopter. The a bit longer, 50-minute tour is a great choice because it enables you to take flight over 75 percent of the whole National Park. The flight takes off from Tusayan, AZ, and it flies over remote backwoods areas as you get to view the North Edge and the scenic reasons all the way to the eastern border of the National Park.

Even though this tour costs more, it remains to be the amount one tour since you view so many amazing sights during your airline flight. For example, two noteworthy landmarks you’ll get to see from the air would be the Dragoon Corridor and the Colorado River Raccord.

Top Tour #2: The Shorter Air Tour

The shorter, 30-minute tour is less expensive, therefore it is a good choice if you need to watch your budget because you’ll still see many interesting scenery. It follows the same flight path as the extended tour over to the North Rim, but rather than applying the east border of the recreation area, your helicopter will ring back to Tusayan. Actually on the short head to, you’ll fly in the Dragoon Corridor, so you will to see the deepest and widest part of the Canyon.

Top Tour #3: Combine Your Flight With A Land Tour

This kind of tour is among the finest ways to experience the Encolure as you will get to see it from air as well as from the beginning. On this travel, you’ll consume a 30-minute flyover of the Canyon as well as a 4×4 tour so you can see many of the landmarks up close. In the land tour, you will ride through the recreation area on a jeep for 2 hours so you can go through the beautiful Mather and Yaki lookout items, and then you can definitely shop and dine when you stop at a quaint traditional village.

Canyon Landing Travels

The helicopters on trips in this percentage of the Canyon don’t land, they just provide air excursions. Landing tours are forbidden by the park service at this rim of the Canyon. Landing travels are only allowed at the West Rim, so if you actually want to take one, you should book a head to that departs from Las vegas and flies to the West Rim.

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