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Top-Rated Structure and Navigation Extensions for Joomla

Joomla cms is a popular CMS having lots of plugins and a huge community support. For a Joomla website, Structure & Navigation performs a key role and there are lots of extension cables for these two things. If navigation is improved, a site becomes more useful as well as overall value will go up. Therefore, it’s important to look for composition and navigation extensions for Joomla. In this write up, we might discuss 10 top-rated structure & navigation extensions for a Joomla website. magento 2 ajax layered navigation

Ninja Basic Icon Menu: –

Ninja Simple Icon Menu is a top-rated Joomla component that deals with icon menus. Using this component, the Icon Menus would become even simpler. That permits setting up of a menu system to use icons. 

ARI Ext Menu: –

ARI Ext Menu is a top-rated Joomla drop-down menu that offers a variety of features to users. This module is extremely customizable and helps all the popular and modern mozilla. Using this module, it becomes easy to manage horizontal and vertical menu direction.

Straight Accordion Menu: –

Top to bottom Accordion Menu is a Joomla module that is rated among the best navigation systems available for Joomla. Using this component, a powerful and totally unmatched user navigation experience is offered to site visitors of a Joomla website. Opening or closing different degrees of submenus has become easy with this component and that too, with accordion effect. This means, having a real hierarchical framework is a reality now for users and tourists alike.

ARI YUI Menu: –

ARI YUI Menu is a top-rated and popular module for Joomla cms that also works as a drop-down menu. That basically works as a powerful drop-down menu of Joomla using the strategy of a YUI menu widget. This highly easy to customize module not only permits horizontal and vertical menu direction, but is also used to make multi-level menu. This module facilitates all popular and modern day browsers besides assisting RTL languages.

FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component: –

FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component is a top-rated Joomla component that surface finishes section and category constraints. Using this component, a blog or list design can be created on the basis of publisher and keywords. It means, users are free to have as many menu items as they like- to display articles as per the matching keywords. More so, it permits them to make a choice to restrict articles as per the section or category.

Sexy Picture Menu: –

Sexy ImageMenu is a top-rated component of Joomla to add value to image selections. This module has recently been loaded with some great effects to permit the sliding out vertical accordion tabs. More so, this plugin also permits the adding of some CSS3 properties to include value to the looks. Having this plugin means attractive results are guaranteed with different images.

Xmap: –

Xmap is a popular and top-rated plugin for Joomla cms that actually works as a site map electrical generator. Using this plugin, anyone can design the map of the website composition with the aid of available menus. This kind of plugin permits the creation of more than one sitemap where specific choices have to be given to each sitemap. Considerably more so, the made XML sitemaps would be suitable for major engines like Yahoo, Yahoo etc.

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