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Travel From an Airport in Thailand – What Choices Do You Have?

At the time you arrive Thailand at the Suwannapum Airport Bangkok, you might want to really know what choices you have when it comes to travelling into town. Presently there are many ways that you can use. In this article, we will discuss your alternatives to enable you to see what mean you choose to go for. bangkok to sukhothai

Once you land at the airport terminal and pass through all the immigration and custom, you will come to the arrival hall. Below you will find various sorts of transportation including: 

one particular Airport Limousine: Although the name is limousine, but the car is not that luxurious. Normally, they may have Toyota Camry. You can take the limousine to town at price of 600-800 Baht. If you want to go to anywhere far, you may need to pay more. I think employing this service is very reasonable for your protection and convenience.

2 Minicab from Airport: If you would like to save some money, you can take the cabs are lined in line up in front of the arrival hall. The customers have to be on the queue also. You will have to notify the counter where to go and also you get a taxi ticket. Then the taxi driver takes to his car and then you will start your journey to town. The taxi cost will be in line with the meter plus extra airport cost of 60 Baht. This means the driver has already paid the airport and he may plus this onto your meter fee. It will depend on where about in town that you are heading. For example, if you are going to Silom, you could have to spend Baht 250-300 like the airport charge. By the way, the expressway toll payment is not supplied. Most certainly, the driver will take you through the expressway because it saves him time.

You will have to spare another Baht forty-five for the expressway. The taxi will ask for the money if this individual arrives at the highway booth. You should make small bank notes for this.

3 Use Resort service: I do not think We will have to describe this. You can organize the hotel to decide on you up. The cost is determined by the hotel and location. I would say that you might have to spare some Baht 1, 000-1, five-hundred. This really is another way that is convenient. But it is rather expensive i think.

4 Use airport taxi: There are some of the air conditioned coach that you can take from the airport to the center of the town. The cost is determined by in which you are heading. I would estimate you will probably have to spend some 20-30 Baht. However, there are only a few places that the bus stops. Therefore, you should know the location very well if you need to use this type of vehicles.

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