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Video Games – The Next Generation

There are plenty of franchises in the online video game industry that create huge amounts of dollars worldwide and allow their creators to live sumptuous lifestyles. That is this area that will come in for the heftiest criticism. One of the biggest franchises is the phone call of Duty series. Few this with the beginning of live on series gaming such as back button box live, and you have a license to print money. There are now 6 in the series, however the last two have come under heavy criticism. A shoot and kill game where you dispense of the foe using various weapons is a simple concept, and the one that may have recently been taken too far now. The launch of Black color Ops this year had stores opening their doors at midnight and pre-orders totally millions, yet once purchased many gamers a new feeling they had recently been cheated. critical ops

You really know what you are receiving with any Contact of Duty game, but following the hype and the multi million dollar marketing push, gamers were still left feeling ‘same old, same old’. Their general judgment was that improved graphics and new, bigger weapons avoid bring anything new or imaginative to a game. Of course, there are many that disagree, and they can be observed praising the amount of pixels used and the all the technical advancements, but for your average gamer, it doesn’t justify the hard earned cash you have handed over under the illusion of the greatest gaming experience of your life. Could be these developers should change their attentions away from a 7th game in the franchise, and produce something that basically is new and exciting. 

At the recent gaming awards, the online video games equivalent of the Oscars, Heavy Rain was the runaway winner. This kind of game really pushed the boundaries of gaming and has industry insiders hailing it as the next generation of video video gaming. Role playing games are not new but the way this game has been developed and the interaction you have with the key character and the other characters he comes into contact through the duration of this game is ingenious. The game plays like a movie and is completely absorbing. The characters are made in such away that you actually care about them and what happens to them. The clear hazard is that the market suddenly becomes swamped with Heavy Rain wannabes, thus leaving the genre stagnant and the gamers needing something different again.

You can see why franchises run and run. Any sports activities game which brings about a new game a year, like the FIFA sports series, or WWE play fighting, basically does what it says in the jar. You will play sports or wrestle, the design will be improved, you will see new players and clubs, and every gamer hands over their cash knowing precisely what they are heading to get. The inventors of other genres of franchises have to have the same mindset as a movie maker, and not take those franchise past the sell by date. Various great movies fade in significance as people bear in mind the two or 3 inferior sequels. Sadly, gambling already appears to be going down this route, in truth it is the players who are suffering for this.

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