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Virginia Social Security Disability Lawyer: How Do You Choose a Good One?

Public Security Disability Practice is a specialized field of law. If you needed nuclear physics you would not go to a general practitioner. Similarly, if you need Social Protection Disability you should go to a specialist. These kinds of are techniques for locating a good one: MI

First, you can of course see a Yellow Pages and look for attorneys who are skilled in this field.

Second, you can check to see if the legal professional has an “AV” ranking by Martindale-Hubbell. This is an organization that positions attorneys from “CV” which means just starting away, to “BV” an legal professional with some many years of experience, and finally “AV” meaning an legal professional who has been recognized by his peers as having the highest ability. 

Third, you should make sure the legal professional is a part of the National Association of Community Security Representatives (NOSSCR).

Next, you should check the NOSSCR site to be sure the legal professional is on NOSSCR’s affiliate list. That site is

Fifth, examine the lawyer’s site to see what information he/she provides about Social Security Disability Rules and his/her experience.

6th, ask your friends and relatives.

Seventh, contact the Virginia State Bar to learn if any bar issues have been filed against the legal professional (804) 775-0570.

Eight, ask the legal professional for his brochure on Social Security Disability Legislation.

After you have checked out out these you can be reasonably sure you will have an efficient counsel prior to the Social Security Government.

This can be considered AN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN or Advertising Material under the guidelines of Professional Perform governing legal professionals in Va. This note is made for general information only. The information presented in this note ought not to be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of any lawyer/client relationship.

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