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Virtual Reality – The Great Escape?

Specifically what is reality anyways – something our own mental computer generates? We all note the distinction between ‘real’ reality and computer generated or simulated ‘virtual reality’ and accept that theatre, film and fictional literary works have all been strong ways of stirring the imagination in which another reality was re-created, either on stage, screen, or in the mind. Generally this gave an pleasurable escape from the immediate stress of the present. Such media are uncompromising varieties of entertainment, but so much for the old ways. Now the new electronically-simulated reality is here and growing rapidly. Will be you falling for the new ‘great escape’? vruble virtual reality


All varieties of entertainment are big business, but now with increased innovations in smart-phone technology and head-sets, various lower-cost digital reality product offerings happen to be on the market. These kinds of provides the medium to an ever-increasing audience. And already, teenagers and children have serious addictions to computer games and other kinds of absorbing leisure. Actually people with mild, obsessive-compulsive personality traits are finding themselves gripped by fascinations that will not allow them to go. They simply simply cannot tear themselves away from that which holds them. There are potent mental forces at work here controlling minds, both young and old.

‘So what’ say many, ‘Keeps them out of other kinds of mischief, and anyway, really great entertainment? ‘ Besides, this is business and there are incredibly large potential profits to come in. And who is there to behave as a social for, who will tell the kids, or adults, for that matter, that their fascination with virtual actuality is going to damage their capacity for developing healthy, positive relationships with people and an capacity to cope with sophisticated difficulties in the real world?


1 of the serious issues is escapism, the sense that virtual reality provides people freedom to explore new worlds or experience in which they feel free to suspend their normal social or honourable responsibilities. This sense of new created realities and the vast possibilities for exploration has a huge appeal, for really real sense, we were built to explore. The big question is ‘What? ‘ Therefore my big concern with virtual reality is usually that the door is being thrown wide open ever wider for heads to enter totally new regions that appeal to our fallen independence from God.

One of many immense problems that our first parents, Adam and Eve confronted, when they revolted against the perfect rule of Almighty God, was that their independence was one they created themselves, but concurrently introduced an actuality without chart or compass. And now we were holding like gods, who existed for their own self-created goals and for whatever goal they dreamt. But it was also an irregular reality and rather than entering true freedom, they now lived under the holy displeasure of Goodness, and in a real sense were trapped under the judgement of The almighty and with no break free from him, the entirely final source of all reality, to whom they would some day give an account.


The first pair also uncovered they were condemned to grief, sorrow, decay and death. Often these new realities involved new ‘wisdoms’ that exalt human imagination and innovation, in an ineffective attempt to bring humanity to the sphere of self-deification. Alas, what they thought was liberty became bondage with their own corrupted fantasies that they had so desperately wished would deliver a great escape.

One of the biggest challenges for modern-day thinkers is to notice that historic biblical Christianity touches real reality at its deepest and profoundest levels. It can do this because it has a logical set of answers for the basis of knowledge, for love, for personal being, for truth and meaning, for guilt and forgiveness that are past the determinism of family genes and electro-chemistry. And in addition it has an answer for life and death, for a meaningful origin in a supernatural, personal Creator of all things, for a purposeful origin of mankind, for broken personalities and a broken world.


And wonderfully a final answer is carefully given in the loss of life and resurrection of Christ, who in his fatality willingly took the horrible liabilities of obstinate rebels after himself and passed away to deal with the penalty of sin also to deliver the captives.

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