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White Tooth Fillings – Get a Smile Makeover

White colored tooth fillings are quickly replacing those ugly old silver or metal concoction fillings of old – and little wonder. filling fell out

Just about all people prefer tooth shaded fillings so that whenever they speak or laugh they aren’t exposing a chew of dark fillings prove back teeth. That’s the challenge with silver fillings – they eventually turn dark-colored.

Now, although white or composite fillings have been with us since the 1960s, it can only in recent years that they have become resilient and strong enough to be located in back teeth where almost all of the hard chewing is performed. That’s why dentists in the past preferred using amalgam fillings – they were incredibly strong and lasted for years. 

Even so, those so-called metal contents can also lead to cracked teeth over time because they expand. They will also contain a small amount of mercury, which is quite toxic. Certainly, many dentists now will not use amalgam due to mercury component.

White fillings are usually made of plastic material and glass particles – they are mercury free also because they attach to the tooth they actually restore a lot of the original strength.

It’s definitely a good idea to go with composites, though there are five things to take note of:

1) They get much longer to place than blend and are thus more costly.

2) They will go on a long time, but is not as long as material fillings.

3) They require more care, including careful flossing and brushing.

4) They may be prone to yellowing from coffee and tea. Strong alcoholic drinks – and mouthwash containing alcoholic beverages – can weaken the restoration.

5) If you have a tooth with a sizable amount of corrosion, your dentist might recommend you to have a crown to strengthen it, rather than a composite resin that would not be sufficiently strong.

Here’s the good news about white fillings: they are no longer viewed as cosmetic techniques by many dental insurance plans these days, so you could get coverage and be on your way to a sparkling smile.

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