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Word – How to Add Word Art to Your Document

During these times of global technology, you have to be creative when writing text documents. To give life to your documents, you can add a Word Art target. It is a Microsoft company office program, that allows you to add image enhancements to your text message. This goes beyond changing a font size. You can select an enlargement that stretches your textual content horizontally, vertically or diagonally, in a rainbow of colors. It is an object that one can move or reshape. Personalised Word Art

To create your Enhancements

You first have to click on the drawing button on the standard toolbar.
Secondly, click on the Word Art button on the drawing toolbar.
You then double click on the style of text that ywordartou would like, in the Edit Text discussion box.
Click the size drop-down arrow and then select the font size you want.
Add any improvements that you could want and then click Ok.
With the above said selected, you will now drag any handle to reshape the object until the text message is the size you want.
You have to now use the toolbar buttons to format and edit the Word Art even more.
Then you need to drag it to the location you require.
Lastly you will now click outdoors the text to uncheck the object and close the toolbar.
These are simple simple steps to enhance your texts, for your future documents. Many of these enhancements will entice your readers or simply just impress your boss. If not in the work department, it will certainly be useful in any project job, whether it be in high school or University or college.

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